Welcome Letter from Jack Hill

Dear Participants:

Welcome to the 2020 National Anti-Racism Teach-In Teen Experience and General Conference! On behalf of the NART organizers, we are delighted to have you join us for these monumental events. Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, we’re taking the 2020 conferences online and know you will be pleased with what’s in store.

Whether you’re joining us for the inaugural August 7 Teen Experience or the August 10 to 12 General Conference, both support a global movement to dismantle structures and norms that uphold racial inequity. These explosive gatherings provide a productive space for attendees to explore the foundational history of racism and bias, and recognize the presence of racism in ways that are often overlooked.

For those of you who experienced our inaugural Teach-In last year, White Responsibility, the 2020 General Conference promises to be just as impactful.

I founded these Teach-Ins to provide a platform for educators, organizers, creatives, practitioners, and religious leaders to gather together and explore issues of racism and white supremacy in America. It is my mission to help people from all walks of life bring an anti-racism approach into classrooms, curriculum, churches, non-profits, other institutions they serve, and in their daily lives.

We are at a critical time in our nation’s history and we must take this opportunity to leverage and train agents of change to make real inroads into confronting the racism and white supremacy that continues to harm our nation, and particularly people of color. We know that, nationally, we are experiencing unprecedented levels of displacement, disenfranchisement, homophobia, white nationalism, racial hatred, violence, and even cynicism — and the recent unsettling events in our country are profoundly disturbing, and reaffirms the work of anti-racism now more than ever.

Together, we can dismantle structures and norms that uphold racial inequity. Let’s work together to move our nation towards positive change and social impact.

Jack Hill, NART Founder and Facilitator