The 2021 Race Hill Educational Conference

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The Race Hill Ed Conference:
A National Gathering on Race and Education in America

April 27, 2021
1pm - 5:30pm EST

The Race Hill Education Conference is a national gathering of educators, leaders and professionals, engaging the work of race and education in America. This high-impact teaching and workshop series is designed to convene a national forum on how to dismantle norms and structures that uphold racism in our schools and communities. The keynotes, workshops, and discussion panels will center on how to build racial stamina, confront white denial, whiteness and fragility, and how to use contemporary anti-racist methods and thinking for individual and organizational change. In addition, there will be a panel on Anti-Asian racism.

Each registered, group, or organization will receive access to the half-day conference, and the 15-minute Q&A facilitated by a guest practitioner.

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For All-Access Colleges and Universities ($6,000) and Corporations ($8,000)
Contact us directly at (631) 276-6130 or

Keynote Speakers

Jack Hill
Founder of the National Anti Racism Teach-in
Dr. Bettina L. Love
Bestselling Author
Jaleesa Anselm
Workshop Facilitator
Tim Wise
American activist and writer on the topic of race
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Registration Rates

Individual: $125  for an Individual half-day all-access
K-12 schools: $699 all-access for schools with enrollments of 300 students or less
K-12 schools: $999 all-access for schools with enrollments of 400 + students
Colleges and Universities: $6,000 all-access for colleges and universities
Corporations: $8,000 all-access

Purchase Orders

If you would like to register via purchase order, please contact


1:00 Jack welcome: overview, dismantling structures and norms of racism
1:30 Jack intro: Tim Wise
1:30 Tim Wise (45 min) Our Racial Reckoning: Where do we go from here?
2:15 Q&A
2:30 BREAK
2:45 Jack intro: Jaleesa w/breakouts
2:45 Jaleesa Anselm  (1 hour) privilege and identity activity
3:45 BREAK
3:55 Connect w/learning & other attendees: Word Cloud
4:25 Jack wrap intro: Bettina Love and Daisy Han
4:30-5:30 Bettina Love and Daisy Han: Abolitionist Teaching and De-centering Whiteness In Schools and Communities

Event Structure

1-hour  keynotes from Jack Hill, Jaleesa Anselm, Tim Wise, and Dr.  Bettina Love
15-minute facilitated discussion opportunities after each keynote/workshop
45-minute workshop on privilege

For more information or inquiries about the Conference, contact us at (202) 251-9703 or