Ruth Evee

As the current Director of Equity and Inclusion at BC High, Ruth comes with 20+ years of educator experience, including service as a school-to-career counselor, lead teacher, dean, and business operations. Ruth’s work has landed her in diverse settings, including vocational, public, and private schools with an even greater span of student populations from suburban, urban, high risk, teen parents, and special needs. As a product of Boston Public Schools, Ruth attended an HBCU to earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Accounting, then a master’s degree in Education from UMASS Boston, and currently a Doctoral candidate at Boston College.

Ruth’s educational vision is that all students, regardless of their background, challenges, and/ or make up, are given the same opportunities, possibilities, and individual supports needed to be successful learners and dream achievers. To create academic institutional experiences where the students and their families feel included, respected, and ultimately valued. Ruth’s passion has become advocating for those marginalized students; those that are often ignored, missed, and failed.